Our solutions

Eptica Lingway's software solutions for eRecruiting and eTalent are based on artificial intelligence technologies, relying on a HR semantic dictionary of a million terms. The artificial intelligence in our solutions allows HR professionals to find and recruit top talents, using our HR Big Data solutions to develop their human capital.


More talents integrated even more quickly and easily


More relevant


Of time savings


Centralised view
of all your HR data

In the context of the digital era, what digital tools can you use in the "War for talent"?

Today, digital transformation plays a key role in HR trends. Using digital tools daily has become inevitable in order to boost,
improve and ease HR practices.

Characteristic features of our solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Use a smart, self-learning search engine, able to understand the context, the language and also various business areas.


Choose a scalable solution as the key of your international growth

Saas solutions

Benefit from reduced costs, scalability, easy upgrades and resiliency

Customised support

We offer a configurable and customizable search engine, and a 24/7 technical support.

Easy integration

Our solutions can be integrated in all HRIS and is in conformity with HR-XML


Our solutions are flexible


A professional working in the HR department of a middle-sized or large company

A recruiting or HRIS softwares vendor

A recruitment firm or a temporary employment agencies

An online recruiter

... and you are looking for a technology partner to support you
in deploying applications to assist with recruitment:

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